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I DIDN’T REALIZED IT WAS A TAG TILL I SAW ROO'S POST. But tagged by shipnip. It’s 5 nice things about myself! I’m not tagging, but I encourage anyone to do this c:

1. I got a chance to read what my old supervisor said when my new job called him and it was all really good things and he told them they should hire me  when they asked for additional comments and it made me happy ;u;

2. I really like my eyes. This feels weird to say

3. I’ve felt a lot better about my art the last few months, I feel like I made a lot of jumps on things I had trouble with before. I don’t know if it actually does look better but I at least feel better.

4. I make awesome Potatoes.

5. I like helping people be happy. It makes me feel happy for them~

Sorry I’m not very good at this! But if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

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Holy shit monkeys. Phenomenal animation and a song by Imagine Dragons?!

How can I not reblog this. Good job Riot!

i don’t even play League of Legends but HOLY CRAP TTHAT WAS COOL! *O*

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Zoom halcyondaysafoot:

Bigger Version Here

Characters up there from top left to right.Young Charlotte | Charlotte & Cid | ElpisZuri & MamoruSocks | Grim | (L)UsersBOXESEky | BBGIG | CAMOpaque Chibis with namesSelf Witch | Narin & Richard | Gear & Railin | Walter & ElenieseCivil & Myre

Characters (c) Respective Owners


Bigger Version Here

Characters up there from top left to right.
Young Charlotte | Charlotte & Cid | Elpis
Zuri & Mamoru
Socks | Grim | (L)Users

Eky | BB

Opaque Chibis with names

Self Witch | Narin & Richard | Gear & Railin | Walter & Eleniese
Civil & Myre

Characters (c) Respective Owners

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Zoom I’m trying to draw more again!

I’m trying to draw more again!

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This is a PSA announcement for some downright adorable dolls that you should get! Cephalo fancy is a shop that makes a variety of cute, stackable baby octopus dolls for you to own

Prices range from 10 USD to 15 USD and for a week only, shipping will be free.
Currently we only have the ones listed in the shop site but the more these sell, then newer and cuter octopus dolls will come in! Isn’t that exciting?
So what are you waiting for? Better spread the word and buy one soon!

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My little Cavalier Spaniel pup (Lapis) needs to see the vet to get some medicine for her ears ;;; My parents are always willing to pay for her visits because she’s really important to us and especially to me (She is my therapy and comfort dog—she got me through a lot when I was…

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09.14.14 702 :: A Website for Artists and Commissioners!


Wonderful news: The website is finally ready for public release!

This website has been made with the hopes to (over time) develop into a go-to art resource for young/hobbyist artists wanting to sell commissions, and commissioners wanting to buy their art. Artists can look through ads made by commissioners and pick out commissions they want to do, and in return, commissioners can choose which interested artist gets to do the work. (it can work in many other ways as well, it doesn’t always have to be through ads! Commissioners can directly contact any artist they like!)

This site was made specifically for the young online art community. Our intentions when building this site was to target the audience of young artists and hobbyists, as well as fans of these artists, and bring them together in one place where the community can thrive and grow.

Unlike other commissioning sites that only recruit professional/specific artists to use their site, set prices for you, take out service fees/percentages from the artist’s income, and be the middle man between the artist and commissioner, our website is completely free to use, ANYONE can join, and we’ll NEVER get in the way between an artist and a commissioner. You have the freedom and control to sell/buy art work as you please.

All payments are done on your own personal terms. No fees or charges are made in transactions because payments for commissions are not done through our site. All transactions are done however an artist chooses to do them (such as through their paypal). (For example: On DeviantART or here on Tumblr, artists use their email or the site’s messaging system to communicate with commissioners and exchange payment info. My Artist works the same exact way. The only difference is it’s an organized “art market” and brings the art community to one convenient place!)

Did I mention anyone and everyone can join and share their creativity? It’s not just for 2D artists, it’s for all creators. Writers, Crafters, Musicians, Adult Artists, everyone.

For More information on what this site contains, please see my tag on the project here:

The site will definitely be slow at first because it is new, but we’re hoping that traffic will eventually pick up and it will become something everyone can use. Please signal boost to get the word out that the site is now open to the public!

This site was a project my fiance and I decided to do in our free time outside of work. We wanted to make something useful that all artists and fans can use. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we enjoyed making it.

There are still some minor bugs that we’re working on, but in the meantime, you can sign up, explore the site, join the forum, and publish ads!

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Zoom Something I’ve been working on

Something I’ve been working on

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Zoom wintergrey:

Reminder that Ferguson is a food desert and school is canceled. People’s movement is restricted. The work of the St Louis Food Bank is vital right now. Help if you can. (x)


Reminder that Ferguson is a food desert and school is canceled. People’s movement is restricted. The work of the St Louis Food Bank is vital right now. Help if you can. (x)


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Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

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I finally hit 200 followers!

Said I’d do a giveaway at 200, so here it is!

What you get:

  • One winner will get a hand bound sketchbook ( the one pictured up there!). It’s 5.5x8 inches and it’s a lightly toned paper (sort of like an oatmeal colour?). The cover is handmade paper with gold stuff.
  • And the second place winner will get a drawing!

However, to win the sketchbook you have to live in Canada or the United States because it will be too much for me to ship otherwise (unless you want to pay for the shipping). So the first winner will have a choice of the sketchbook or the drawing, or if is from outside of those countries will get the drawing.


  • You have to be following this blog - 
  • You can like and reblog, but reblogging more than once doesn’t make sense so don’t do it friends
  • If you’re under 18 please get permission from your parents for me to mail this to you I don’t want to get in trouble
  • If you don’t respond within a reasonable amount of time (2-3 days) I will pick a new winner.

YEAH I’ll pick winners On September 30th! c: 

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